Exosomal Mir-16-5P Equally A Target For Malignant Mesothelioma.

Scientific Reports 2019 August 12 [Link]

Munson PB, Hall EM, Farina NH, Pass HI, Shukla A


Malignant mesothelioma (MM) is an asbestos-induced cancer arising on the mesothelial surface of organ cavities. MM is essentially incurable without a way of early on diagnosis in addition to no successful touchstone of care. These facts betoken a deep chasm of noesis that needs to endure filled. Our grouping late delved into MM tumor biological scientific discipline from the perspective of exosome-contained microRNAs (miRNAs). We discovered that the close abundant miRNAs inwards MM cancer exosomes were tumor suppressors, peculiarly miR-16-5p. This observation Pb us to hypothesize that MM cells preferentially secreted tumor-suppressor miRNAs via exosomes. Through form avenues of potential therapeutic advance, nosotros embarked on an innovative strategy to kill MM tumor cells. We employed minor molecule inhibitors to block exosome secretion, thereby reducing miR-16-5p exosome loss in addition to replenishing cellular miR-16-5p leading to reduced tumorigenic capacity in addition to miR-16-5p target oncoproteins CCND1 in addition to BCL2. Additionally, nosotros force-fed MM tumor exosomes dorsum to MM tumor cells, which led to jail cellular telephone death, in addition to a reduction inwards the same oncoproteins. We recapitulated these results amongst straight off transfection of miR-16-5p, confirmed that this is a cancer-cell specific effect, in addition to elucidated a utilisation of the miR-16-5p machinery of exosome loading.

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