It was  the park early  twenty-four hr menstruum upwards at 4.30 am  instruct laid upwards for Marsden walk piteous one-half asleep louis upwards the lane inward the dark. But  M25  was practiced today nosotros arrived at  simply a lilliputian after 7.30. Went for a java good hot chocholate really.

Bloods done early on Doctor early on but to a greater extent than forms to sign. Now nosotros hold back for blood results . They were ok straightaway nosotros accept to hold back for  Bi op. But a hitch  no  forms signed  to concord to it. But  after nosotros escourted to radiology. We met  her earlier . I asked if I tin come upwards inward . Of course of pedagogy y'all can. Get mr nye a chair she said. Iwas sat spell Mavis got comfy on the table. Did y'all desire to come upwards sit  closer  she asked. Yes delight I said in addition to hence she pulled my chair  correct upwards to the table. She explained everthing rattling clearly  she was in addition to hence lovely in addition to understanding. I held mavis manus throughout the physical care for equally they took half dozen segments for a bi opsy. mavis was in addition to hence brave. Afet she was wheeled dorsum to the ward  nosotros had to rest ii hrs to brand certain all was well. We got  dorsum abode at 4.30pm. Tomorrow is roughly other day. Hope its non equally long but she gets the first  injection of the novel drug. She was told that in that place are several tumours clustered. But  they are non notwithstanding equally large equally her get-go ones in addition to they are deadening growing in addition to that  things dont expect in addition to hence bad.

So its WTS.

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