First Injection Day

Another early on twenty-four hours at the Marsden. Journey  wise it was a skillful ane nosotros arrived early. had a Hot Chocolate as well as and thence booked in. We were surprised it was  bloods  again. But  nosotros got the first  injection drug. Mavis was dreading it. But skillful ole king reach her fears at rest. What a star he is. After the jab nosotros had to human face ii hours merely as well as thence nosotros were gratuitous to  leave. So  it was non a bad day. I dropped off when  a nurse  gently woke me. I jumped out of my skin. But tomorrow is a chip afterward stimulate thence nosotros larn ii hrs longer inward bed. We  convey a board coming together thence nosotros volition necessitate to  last completed quickly. Then its a Taxi as well as a Train into London.

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