Asbestos Jobs – Harmful And Dangerous

Since ancient times, people have pursued their careers in several kinds of asbestos jobs. Asbestos jobs became common it the late 1800’s, after industrialization took place. Asbestos is a very strong and useful mineral gifted to us by God; however, it is also very harmful to a human health. If a human body is exposed to asbestos in large quantity, it is likely he will develop a fatal disease.

In the olden day, as the harmful effects of asbestos were not known, it was excessively used in many of the products. As cases of death and sever illness started coming out in the front, it concerned the workers greatly. Still, there was nothing they could do because there were no regulations regarding the usage of this mineral. As a result, the companies, knowing the fact that asbestos is harming the health of their employees, kept on using this mineral in their operations. It was not till the 1970’s that government passed regulations that protected rights of workers associated with asbestos jobs.

Now days, due to awareness about the harmful effects of asbestos, many countries have banned the mineral. Still, there are many jobs that still use asbestos. this is the main reason, that the worker should have complete awareness of the dangers of asbestos, so he can better decide if he wants to work in such a dangerous environment or not. There is always the option of switching to other jobs. However, if the pay structure is good, workers usually hesitate in switching. This is wrong; they should realize that if they keep on being exposed to asbestos daily it can generate harmful diseases in their body. Asbestos mineral spreads its dust particles in the air, which are inhaled by the people sitting in that area. If you regularly breathe in an asbestos infested area, the asbestos will start to settle in your respiratory area. As a result, you can have asbestosis, lung cancer or worst mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is fatal amongst them, leading to quick and very painful death.

Lately, there has been a decline in asbestos jobs because people now becoming aware of its harmful effects avoid working in an environment infested with asbestos. in the last few years, a lot of workers have filed for compensations against the organizations they had previously worked with, after becoming a victim of one of the above mentioned diseases. Winning an asbestos case is a difficult task because the lawyers usually have difficulty proving that his client was exposed to asbestos from the organization he has filed a complaint against.

To avoid all this misery, it is best if you do not pursue a career in any of the asbestos jobs rather go for other options. Still, if you want to then you should try looking for asbestos jobs uk, you will find many good opportunities.
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